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Tiny:bit LED light

LED light 


1-1.The position of the LED lights in the robot car

1-2.Learn about the principle of LED

Programming method:

Mode 1 online programming: First, we need to connect the micro:bit to the computer by USB cable. The computer will pop up a USB flash drive and click on the URL in the USB flash drive: http://microbit.org/ to enter the programming interface. Add the Yahboom package: https://github.com/lzty634158/Tiny-bit to program.

Mode 2 offline programming: We need to open the offline programming software. After the installation is complete, enter the programming interface, click【New Project】, add Yahboom package: https://github.com/lzty634158/Tiny-bit, you can program.In the picture shown below, the two white squares circled by the red wire frame are the colorful lights on the Tiny-bit.


Principle:  LED light (red, green, blue) are packaged in the LED module. We can mix different colors(256*256*256) by controlling the brightness of the three LEDs.

2.Learning goal

2-1.Learn how to use RGB lights graphically program building blocks

2-2.We will make two LED lights of Tiny-bit light up white by programming.

3.Search for block

The following is the location of the building blocks required for this programming.


4.Combine block

The summary program is shown below:


5.Experimental phenomena

After the program is downloaded, we can see that a micro:bit board will display a heart pattern on the dot matrix. Two LED lights will be lit white, as shown below.


The code of the experiment: 1.LED  light.rar: http://www.yahboom.net/xiazai/Tiny_bit/3.Light%20of%20Tiny%20bit/1.LED%20%20light.rar

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