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Micro:bit starter kit Yahboom Croco:kit sensor kit


Microbit Ring:bit Bricks Pack STEAM Education Toy

$99.99 $69.99

Motor Control Shield for Arduino Robot Car


Motor:bit Motor Control Driving Board for Micro:bit Robot Car


PiOLED OLED 0.91 Inch 128×32 for Raspberry Pi


Programmable building block DC motor


Programmable building block servo motor


Programmable Humanoid Robot Micro:bit STEM Education Toy


Programmable Toy STEM Building Block Arm:bit based


Rapberry Pi 4 Wifi DS Robot Car Kit with Rpi 4 2GB


Raspberry Pi 3B+ Camera Module Yafex OV5647 Sensor 5MP 1080p for RPi 4/3B/2/Zero W with Flex Cable and bracket


Raspberry Pi 4 Camera Module Yafex 1080p OV5647 Sensor compatible with RPi 3B+/3B/Zero W with Flexcable and bracket


Raspberry pi 4 case with Cooling Fan and Heat Sinks


Raspberry Pi 4 case with Fan 5V 3A USB-C Power Supply


Raspberry Pi 4B aluminum alloy case with double fan


Raspberry Pi 4B Robot Kit Trikebot smart robot with WIFI camera


Raspberry Pi 4B TH WiFi FPV Tank Robot Car Kit with Robot Arm


Raspberry pi 5inch HDMI Touch Screen LCD Case


Raspberry Pi Camera Module 5MP 1080P Ov5647 Sensor HD Video Webcam Supports Night Vision


Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 Yafex OV5647 Sensor 1080p 130 degree fisheye lens for RPi 4/3B/3B+/2/Zero W with Flexcable and rpi camera case


Robit Motor Control Board for Micro:bit


Robotbit Expansion Board for Micro:bit KittenBot


Silicone Sleeve for Micro:bit KittenBot Micro:bit Case


STEAM Programmable Robot Kit Qbot Pro Based on Scratch 3.0 Arduino Robotic Car


STEM Buliding Block Programmable Toy Running:bit Based


STM32 Programmable Balance Car WiFi Robot Car Support iOS/Android APP PC Remote Control


Tiny:bit smart robot car for micro:bit Yahboom


Ultrasonic Sensor Sonar:bit 3V/5V for micro:bit Distance Measuring 4~400cm


UNO R3 Development Board compatible with the arduino


WuKong Onboard Resources


WULI Bot Scratch+Mixly STEAM Programmable Robot APP Remote Control Arduino UNO R3 for Kids Students


xArm 6DOF Robot Arm with Bus Servo on Scratch Arduino Programmable Robotic Arm


Xiaor Geek TH Tank Chassis Kit With 2WD Motors


XRMaster Mecanum Wheel Robot Turret Chariot


Yahboom Omni:bit smart robot car programmable toy with Mecanum Wheel and Microbit


Yahboom Silicone Protective Case for BBC Micro:bit