Robot Parts are a great way to build or modify a robot quickly: using these parts, you can make it more professional, intelligent and adaptable to its environment. Choose the parts you need or select a robot kit which includes everything you need

Save considerable time and effort by choosing a partial or complete robot or robot kit. We offer robot construction kits, mobile robots, drones and much more to suit everyone’s tastes and abilities.

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2.4G PS2 Handle Remote controller for Robot Project


5inch HDMI Touch Screen LCD(B) 800×480 for Raspberry Pi


AC8265 Wireless NIC Module for Jetson Nano


AR9331 Openwrt XRbot Link4.0 Wifi Module


Digital Servo Motor with 20kg High Torque LD-20MG Full Metal Gear


Digital Servo Motor with 270 Control Angle LD-27MG Full Metal Gear


Digital Servo Motor with Dual Ball Bearing LD-220MG Full Metal Gear


DS 4WD Robot Chassis with 4 TT Motor


HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor for Arduino/Microbit/Raspberry pi 4/3b+


Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module


Jetson Nano Camera Module IMX 219 Sensor 8M


L298N Motor Drive Controller Board Module dual H-Bridge DC Stepper Motor Driver for Arduino Raspberry Pi Smart Robot Car


LD-3015MG Full Metal Gear Digital Servo Motor with 17kg High Torque for RC Robot Car


LDX-218 Digital Servo Motor Control Angle 180 Full Metal Gear with Dual Ball Bearing for Robot


LDX-227 Digital Servo Motor Full Metal Gear Control Angle 270 with Dual Ball Bearing for Robot


LX-16A Full Metal Gear Serial Bus Servo Motor 17kg Control Angle 240 with Real-Time Feedback Function for RC Robot


LX-224 High Voltage Servo Motor Three Connectors HV Bus


LX-224 Serial Bus Servo Motor with Three Connectors 20KG Large Torque


M5Stack 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer Unit (ADXL345)


M5Stack BaseX compatible with LEGO EV3 motor


M5Stack Earth Soil Moisture Sensor Unit


M5Stack ESP32 Basic Core IoT Development Kit


M5Stack ESP32 GREY Development Kit with 9Axis Sensor


M5Stack Finger Print FPC 1020A Panel for M5 Faces


M5Stack FIRE IoT Development Kit


m5stack Fish-eye Camera Module OV2640 Sensor


M5Stack GOPLUS Motor driver Module with MEGA328P


m5stack I2C Joystick Unit (MEGA328P)


M5Stack Joystick Panel for M5 FACES


M5Stack LEGO+ 4 Channels DC Encoder Motor Driver Module


M5Stack LoRaWan Module(RHF76-052)


M5Stack M5 Faces Kit Pocket Computer with Keyboard/Game/Calculator


M5stack M5GO IoT Starter Kit


M5stack M5GO Lite IoT Development Kit


M5stack M5StickC Development Kit with Hat


M5Stack M5StickC ENV Hat (DHT12, BMP280, BMM150)