The BBC micro:bit is a simple to use and learn development board designed by the BBC for use within the classroom. Due to it’s simplicity of block programming  and plug-and-play electronics the micro:bit is incredibly easy for beginners of all ages to learn! covering a wide array of subjects across the curriculum has made it one of the most popular choices for schools and colleges around the world!

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2 AAA battery box for BBC micro:bit with On-Off Switch


BBC Micro:bit expansion board Yahboom Super:bit expansion board


BBC Microbit Robit Robot Car Kit(without micro:bit board)


KittenBot Meowbit Codable Console for MakeCode Arcade


Micro:bit Alienbot Intelligent Quadruped Robot


Micro:bit Qbit Balancing Robotic Car


Micro:bit Robot Car STEM Building Toy Wonder Rugged Car with Microbit


Micro:bit starter kit Yahboom Croco:kit sensor kit


Microbit Ring:bit Bricks Pack STEAM Education Toy

$99.99 $69.99

Motor:bit Motor Control Driving Board for Micro:bit Robot Car


Programmable Humanoid Robot Micro:bit STEM Education Toy


Programmable Toy STEM Building Block Arm:bit based


Robit Motor Control Board for Micro:bit


Robotbit Expansion Board for Micro:bit KittenBot


Silicone Sleeve for Micro:bit KittenBot Micro:bit Case


STEM Buliding Block Programmable Toy Running:bit Based


Tiny:bit smart robot car for micro:bit Yahboom


WuKong Onboard Resources


Yahboom Omni:bit smart robot car programmable toy with Mecanum Wheel and Microbit


Yahboom Silicone Protective Case for BBC Micro:bit